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I'm Helen Kerrison and this is Love Your Life Essentials, the 60 minute Life Makeover.

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Do you want more Love in your Life?


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Love Your Life Coach & Mentor

Helen Kerrison

Helen is an international speaker, presenter, TV show host, mentor, trainer, best-selling author and creator of Love Your Life Academy.With a background in Marketing, Coaching and Communications, Helen has helped countless individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses install winning strategies to create growth and success they desired, both personally and collectively. Helen is regularly invited to speak at conferences and events around the world. She has been a regular self-growth expert on the US Cable-TV show ‘Living Consciously’, and has hosted her own internet-TV shows ‘Live the Life you Love’ and ‘Insight TV’. Helen has co-authored two best-sellers, ‘101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career’ and ‘Ready, Aim, Captivate!’, alongside Deepak Chopra.Helen is a self-confessed ex-pat and nomad!She is dedicated to the simple things in life; walking on the beach, admiring a beautiful sunset, sharing good simple food, the gifts of happiness, love, friendship and fun. Because, as Helen says, life is meant to be fun!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    MODULE 1

    • VIDEO 1: The Truth about Relationships

    • WORKSHEET 1: The Truth about Relationships

  • 2

    MODULE 2

    • VIDEO 2: How to Change

    • WORKSHEET 2: How to Change

  • 3

    MODULE 3

    • VIDEO 3: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul

    • WORKSHEET 3: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul